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About NIOB

The Nigerian Institute of Building has its origin in a parent body called the Builders’ Society, which was founded in 1834 by a number of prominent Builders in London. This body was renamed the Institute of Builders in 1884. Then in 1965, the name was changed to Institute of Building IOB. As the organisation gained royal charter, it was renamed "The Chartered Institute of Building" (CIOB) in 1980.

Institute of Building Nigeria Centre was formed by the IOB Nigerian members, who had returned home after studying building in the United Kingdom.

This overseas centre of the London based Institute of Building was officially inaugurated on Friday, 31st March, 1967 at the Auditorium of the Advanced Teachers Training College, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos under the distinguished Chairmanship of Sir. Mobolaji Bank-Anthony, KBE, FRSA, F. INST. D.

The first Chairman of Institute of Building Nigeria Centre (by the election held on 26th March, 1967) was Mr. Simeon Oladiran Okikiolu. He was succeeded through election in 1968 by Mr. Fatai Isola Osikoya. The IOB Nigeria Centre sought for autonomy in 1969 and it was granted by Institute of Building in London. Hence, the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB) was established in 1969.


Our Vision

Providing Professional excellence and leadership for sustainable shelter.

Our Mission

To enable members deliver, with relevant stakeholders, sustainable shelter that addresses the housing needs of the Nation through research and development and global best practices.

Our History

Then on November 5, 1970, the NIOB was officially inaugurated at the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, with the incumbent Chairman of IOB Nigeria Centre, Mr. Fatai Isola Osikoya becoming the first President of NIOB.

The supreme body of the Institute is the National Council headed by the President. Other elected members of the Council are 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Immediate Past President, Honorary General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Registrar, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Research and Development Secretary, Three (3) Ex-Officio Members and Chairmen of State Chapters.

In 1974, through the relentless effort of NIOB, the Federal Military Government signed into law the Builders' Registration ACT, Decree No 45 of 1989 (then ACT CAP 40) to establish the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON) on December 15th 1989 and the Council was officially inaugurated on 24th April, 1990.

The Law gave statutory backing to “Building” as a distinct profession in Nigeria as obtainable in the U.K., Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, etc. the Law also recognizes The Nigerian Institute of Building as the only professional body for those engaged or about to be engaged in the building profession. Since the statutory backing of Building as a profession in Nigeria by Builder’s Registration ACT, Decree 45 of 1989 (now B.13 LFN, 2004). The Institute has done a lot for the development of the profession, its members, the government and the Nigerian public. .

Some of the Institute’s objectives as set out in constitution includes the following:

  • To promote the Science and Practice of Building Technology, Building Maintenance, Building Surveying, Building Production/Construction Management and Project Management including all research and publication of the results for public benefit.
  • To establish and maintain a high standard of competence and conduct of those engaged or about to be engaged in the said Science and practice of Building and the education and research connected therewith.
  • To provide a forum for meeting and discussing matters of mutual interest to professional Builders in Nigeria and to preserve and further the interest of those within.
  • To promote and stimulate the improvement of the technical and general knowledge of persons to be engaged in the Building profession.
  • To make available information on matters affecting the Building Profession in Nigeria and abroad.
  • To promote an understanding of the Building profession among members of the public and to confer with all professionals and other bodies within the construction industry and to act as the sole authority in the Federation of Nigeria with regards to all matter affecting the profession.
  • To act as a body which the Government or other official or unofficial authorities or organization(s) in Nigeria can seek advice, assistance or the expression of views on any subjects of concern or interest, to the Building profession in Nigeria.

Our Core Values

The Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB) is a value-driven professionals' organization, thus we have below the core values that drive us:

Research and Development

Members are trained through conferences and seminars with the latest development in the building industry.


Sustainable Shelter

We encourage our members to build maintainable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable structures.


Professional Excellence

NIOB always strives for very professional excellence, encouraging industry best practices and innovations.


Executive Members

Here are the frontline executive members of Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB):

Bldr.(Sir.) Alderton Ewa FNIOB


Bldr. (Hon) Bimbo Kolade, FNIOB

1st Vice President

Bldr. Idris Abubakar Saddi, FNIOB

2nd Vice President

Bldr. Prof. Yohana Izam, FNIOB

Immediate Past President

Bldr. (Dr.) Yusuf Mahmood, FNIOB

Hon. General Secretary.

Bldr. (Dr.) Mrs. Victoria Olufunke Akinola, FNIOB


Companies We Have Endorsed

Royal Ceramics Nig Limited


Eteleson Industries Nig Limited


Companies Registered With NIOB

Hensek Integrated Nigeria Limited


Benest Technical Services Limited


Information on NIOB Governance

Find below information related to NIOB's structure and governance :

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